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  2. "The weather varies between heavy fog and pale sunshine; My thoughts follow the exact same process."
    — Virginia Woolf, 21 April 1918 (via wordsthat-speak)

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  3. "Baby,” I said, “I’m a genius but nobody knows it but me."
    — Charles Bukowski, Factotum

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  6. At the Edge by Charles Bukowski

    a smoky room at the edge, it’s always

    been a smoky room at the 
    the edge never goes away.
    sometimes you understand it
    sometimes you even talk to it, you might
    say, “hello, old friend,”
    but it has no sense of humor, it slams you in the
    gut, says,
    "this is a serious business, I’m here to
    kill you or drive you mad.”
    "all right," you reply, "I under-

    tonight this room is smoky
    and I am alone
    listening to the silence.
    I am tired of waiting on life,
    it was so slow to arrive and so quick to
    the streets and the cities are
    love is on the damned cross
    and death laughs in the back

    at the edge, the edge, the edge.

    it’s so sad: the flowers are still trying
    to please me,
    the sun shouts my name,
    but my courage fails
    as the animals look on with large 

    this smoky room.
    a stained rug.
    a few books.
    a painting or two.
    a broken chair.
    and empty pair of shoes
    a tired old man

    subordinated debt.


  7. "

    Do you hate people?

    I don’t hate them…I just feel better when they’re not around.

    — Charles Bukowski, Barfly
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    It took the photographer who took this photo 8 hours to set up the camera in the centre of the venue so he could take this simple photo during Youngbloods in October 2013, pretty cool in my opinion :)

    Fucking flawless

    This deserves every note it gets for the photographer’s and Amity’s sake.

    he nailed it,this picture is fuckin awesome

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  9. "He really had been through death, but he had returned because he could not bear the solitude."
    — Gabriel García Marquez, one hundred years of solitude (via 26thnovemberjournal)

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  10. In their natural habitat: A wet bear shakes himself dry, left. Taken by Marco Urso of Italy, at Kurile Lake, Kamchatka, Russia. 

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  11. "[This will be the time of miracles,
all that we need to know
will be revealed in dreams,
in water, in the desert,
in arteries, in stones.]

    We will understand
the persistence of trees
and the agony of rivers,
    we will wear the silence
of eclipses,
    and in our poverty
there will be much to give
and more light than we can imagine.

    — Eric Gamalinda, from “Blue, Kind Of” (via the-final-sentence)

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  12. Love Is Always Stronger …

    by ParadisiacPicture


  13. "You know, there’s a place we all inhabit, but we don’t much think about it, we’re scarcely conscious of it, and it lasts for less than a minute a day…. It’s in the morning, for most of us. It’s that time, those few seconds when we’re coming out of sleep but we’re not really awake yet. For those few seconds we’re something more primitive than what we are about to become. We have just slept the sleep of our most distant ancestors, and something of them and their world still clings to us. For those few moments we are unformed, uncivilized. We are not the people we know as ourselves, but creatures more in tune with a tree than a keyboard. We are untitled, unnamed, natural, suspended between was and will be, the tadpole before the frog, the worm before the butterfly. We are, for a few brief moments, anything and everything we could be. And then… and then – ah – we open our eyes and the days is before us, and – we become ourselves."
    — Stargirl (Jerry Spinelli)

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  14. "Pardon My Sanity In A World Insane"
    — Emily Dickinson

  15. "I’ve been homesick for countries I’ve never been, and longed to be where I couldn’t be."
    — John Cheever (via i-dwell-in-possibilite)